The independent knowledge authority on IT network infrastructure

Routz is specialized in network technologies, routing and network protocols.
Top 200 companies see Routz as the partner for technological leadership and result. We offer vendor-independent expertise in the fields of architecture, design, implementation, migration, integration and management.

4 reasons to choose Routz:

Our services

Our services cover all facets of ICT network infrastructure


Offers knowledge

Routz Network Executives can help you with everything related to network infrastructures. From architecture to management, from complex to less complex.

Which Executive is best qualified to fix your specific issue? This is determined on the basis of your requirements regarding functionality and personality.


Offers result

Many companies struggle with the organization of their network infrastructures. This is not surprising, because it is not their core business. It is ours. We realize how important clarity about the aims and needs of your business is.

Curious about the efficacy of your current network infrastructure? Professional Network Services help you take stock of the current and the desired situation.


Offers security

A network that is always available. And one in which problems are prevented or solved swiftly. This is what you will get with Routz Network Operations. We offer continuity and availability at an agreed-upon level, based on methods that have become market standard, like ITIL. We also gladly advice you on innovation opportunities, so you are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow, today.


Offers direction

You want to make optimal use of your infrastructure. This requires a long-term vision and a clear, feasible plan. The Routz Network Consultant helps you develop a view on your IT network infrastructure. He is the trusted advisor who, in consultation with you, will find the answer to the why-question that underpins your infrastructure. In addition, he will define your future state network with all relevant stakeholders, and will determine the road map. So you can focus on your business.

No 9 to 5 mentality

Routzers are driven. They do not stop until the job is done. Even if this means they have to work into the evening. Our people also put a lot of effort into their own development. We give this ambition a firm foundation with the Routz Academy. Plus our professionals give direction to their careers with their personal Development Road Map.

Routz’ Expertise

We excel when it comes to domain-exceeding network issues. This expertise is applied from engineering, consultancy, lead engineering and technological business consultancy.
We are experts at:

Routing & Switching
Routing & switching is the foundation of every IP infrastructure. We develop the architecture, perfect the design and work hard on integrations. Both for companies with small branches and multi-tier data centers with 24/7 business-critical applications.

Wireless / Access
Having wireless networking as the primary office network comes with new requirements regarding capacity, working safely with mobile equipment, BYOD or a guest network. Routz employees are specialized in these business-critical infrastructures.

IT Security develops at a flying pace! Routz performs scans and knows both the attacking and defending sides of the coin, which guarantees the safety of our clients.

Unified Communications
Routz’ Unified Communications specialists make sure that communication within large organizations like banks and governmental institutions runs flawlessly. With full integration of all forms of (IP) communication.

DC Automation & Orchestration
Routz has a leading position when it comes to data center networking innovations, SDN and converged infrastructures. Our clients appreciate our down-to-earth outlook and independent view on the dynamic field of Storage and Data Centers.

Network Operations
A network that is always available: there is no network problem that we cannot solve. The Routz Network Operations specialists ensure continuity and availability on the agreed-upon level.

The Results

You can expect us to provide, share and transfer highly specialist knowledge. To add value to your business and reflect on the needs of your end client. To offer scalable solutions to issues, work efficiently and provide direction where needed. We do this successfully:

We have a 100 percent
Net Promotor Score

We employ the
biggest group of professionals
with an expert certification in the Netherlands

We have had a
Leading position in the
Service Providers, Finance and Government markets for years

Over half of
our clients
have been with us for more than ten years

Distributed over the country, our employees hold over
1,000 certifications

With our 180+ Routz Network Professionals,
we have 24/7 commitment

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